Backrack 10500 Safety Rack


There are a countless number of Backrack safety racks on the market today. Meet the Backtrack 10500 Safety rack, another fantastic cab guard from the manufacturer. This unit is designed to offer your vehicle with full window protection. It features only the frame,  so users need to purchase the hardware kit separately. Most Backtrack models are unique in their design, though they all carry the spirit of the brand. The 10500 rack system is made from high-quality steel to enhance durability, rigidity, and strength.

Designers noticed that there are some models of racks that rattle while in operation. Such sounds can be disturbing for drivers, mainly when they undertake more extended journeys. To solve this issue, Backrack designs its truck back rack with an intersection of wires, which ensure a quieter operation while providing much-needed strength. This rack is straightforward to install. This is facilitated through the provision of broader carrying capacity, a trait that isn’t common on the market. If you need an affordable truck rack system that is silent after installation and delivers the required protection, the Backrack 10500 safety system should be your first option. It is well suited for a wide range of trucks; thus, you can purchase one for your family truck and anyone who transports loads over long distances.