Backrack 12500 Truck Bed Headache Rack


There are several headache racks designed for use on a wide array of vehicles. One of the best brands in the industry is Backrack. It has produced hundreds of truck rack models since its inception and has no plans of stopping any time soon. Its design solution is the Backrack 12500 Headache Rack. We love the composition of this unit, and we regard it as one of the most functional and durable pieces available. Like many other models produced by the company, this unit comes only as a frame, so you need to purchase a hardware kit for your specific vehicle.

The Backrack 12500 truck back rack features a doubled corrosion resistance and an e-coating frame, which keeps it protected from corrosion and rust. After this unit is coated with the corrosion-resistant powder, the rack is taken through a multi-stage dip process that takes care of all hidden surfaces. The steel used in creating this rack system is different from other models on the market. It is pickled, oiled, and finished after it goes through the hot rolling process. This increases its durability and also makes it more functional than models that undergo the hot rolling process only. To bring an elevated level of visibility and safety to your vehicle, we recommend that you choose the Backrack 12500 truck bed rack.