Badass Motogear Fire Extinguisher Holder


Jeep owners will want the Badass Motogear on the roll bars of their off-roader. Like the Bracketeer, the Badass Motogear is not a fire extinguisher, but rather a mounting system for keeping your fire extinguisher well within reach while also adding some sort of design element to your off-roader. The Badass Motogear is made of premium-quality padded material that serves as a cushion for the fire extinguisher against bumps and shocks as you drive your vehicle on uneven terrain. It’s got Velcro closure system allowing it to accommodate any type and size of fire extinguishers, although the company specifically designed it for FA110 models.

The good news is that you can always use the combination of soft padding and secure Velcro closure to mount any other stuff that you may have. It’s the perfect solution for a water bottle holder in case your bike doesn’t have one.