Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Boot’s-impact-insulated-boot.jpg


Our last product on the list, and pretty much the Polar opposite of the snow boot we just looked at (pun very much intended there by the way). Whilst the previous product were very much everyday boots lacking the insulation for deep winter wear, this beast from Baffin (their third product to make the list) is very different.

The big standout here is the phenomenal 8 layers of insulation. This multi foam layer provides the heat retention and protection sufficient for these boots to be rated for use in temperatures as a low as -148F. That makes them very much the hardiest boots on this list, so if you are looking for the ultimate protection from cold weather, these are the boots for you.

In addition to that incredible insulation, we also have an all Nylon and Rubber construction – Nylon upper and Rubber soles. They combine to provide a very useful waterproof construction, whilst the soles also boast excellent tread for increased traction. Two oversized buckles are designed for easy use in cold weather, whist a drawstring collar keeps out moisture.