Baker Brand Logo Skateboard Deck


The Baker Brand Logo Skateboard Deck comes in a cool skateboard design, coming with a black and white shade and featuring the Baker logo in loud and proud black and white print. This deck has been designed to have the original and renowned Baker’s shape and mellow concave that gives the skater just the right mix of foot placement and riding control that is great for performing stunts and tricks.

 This long board deck screams good quality, having been produced with the best quality Maplewood and featuring a 7 ply deck that creates the perfect combination of flexibility when riding and stunting with the strength and stiffness that is good for just cruising. What’s more, the deck is great for any skater of any skill level, and can work as a great beginner board for kids above 13 years old. With this deck, you can easily and comfortably skate pool side, park and even street while showing off your amazing skating skills because this board is extremely versatile.