BaoFeng Dual Band Two Way Radio


Quick point of note before we get into the review: BTECH is essentially a subsidiary/sister company of BaoFeng. So, what’s the big standout with this scanner radio? Well, for one thing, it is perhaps the best value tri-band radio out there. A high-end brand name tri-band could really set you back several hundred dollars and sometimes even more. This radio is a lot less expensive, making it a phenomenal value.

Yes, you are going to miss out on some of the bells and whistles you’ll see on more premium models – but you’ll also miss out on that premium price tag. You still get some good features too in addition to Tri-Band capability. 128 channels of storage is a good amount for such a small device. Frequency Scanning mode is simple and effective and allows you to enter the search parameters to limit the scan and save time. You can easily add or remove channels from the search, and the Simultaneous Display is very useful, putting a range of information right at your fingertips.