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Bar’s Leaks Liquid Aluminium Stop Leak is one of the most well known and loved coolant stop leaks. This radiator stop leak is able to seal radiator leaks, freeze plug leaks, and repair gasket leaks and heater core leaks. It does this by cooling the water temperature using two key ingredients: liquid aluminum and Xtreme Cool. You’re probably wondering how liquid aluminum works? Well, we can tell you that this ingredient is a top-quality feature in the new generation of stop leak products and acts by sealing leaks and also conditioning the system. The Bar’s Leaks Liquid Aluminum Stop Leak not only fixes your immediate problem but prevents further corrosion too.

A nice feature of this product is that you don’t ever have to flush the antifreeze out of your system before use as it’s been designed to be directly added to the cooling system. Liquid Aluminium works with all different types of coolant: yellow, orange, pink, red, blue and green silicate-based and non-silicate based OAT/HOAT antifreeze. It also works with water. Leaks are sealed within 20 minutes but more often than not they are said to be sealed within minutes!