Base Camp M Plus Dust Face Mask

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People with respiratory conditions need a dust mask that is always able to protect them from contaminants. The Base Camp M Plus Dust Face Mask provides that protection. This option is constructed with six additional layers designed to filter out up to 99.4 percent exhaust gas, pollen, dust, particles, and smoke. It contains improved mesh materials that improve breathability 11.3 percent. This option contains an adjustable hook and loop straps to accommodate different facial dimensions. It also contains 6.1 percent additional elasticity to provide a more comfortable fit.

It also provides an AEB system designed to keep the mask securely in place for every task. This option also contains enlarged one-way valves that reduce the fogging of safety glasses by 26.3 percent. This mask is invaluable for body shop painters to protect themselves from paint fumes. Base Camp provides a dust mask more than capable of protecting you from contaminants regardless of the task.

Key Features

  • Contains a breathable and durable dust mask shell

  • Aluminium covered with plastic adjustable nose clip

  • Earloop design

  • Convenient adjustable hook and loop fastening

  • Large, dual one-way discharge valves

  • Brand

    Base Camp

  • Weight

    1 ounce

We are constantly striving for multipurpose items designed to streamline our daily endeavors. The AstroAI Reusable Dust Mask with Filters is constructed of premium nylon that provides the durability you demand in a dust mask. The dust mask contains an activated carbon filter designed to filter out non-oil particles. This option offers specific comfortability for those that wear eyeglasses or protective goggles.

It also has increased ventilation to let heat and moisture escape to avoid fogging your glasses or contains. This option includes an adjustable nose clip for a more comfortable fit. The mask also contains flexible earloops to reduce added pressure on your ears. The AstroAl is also designed for use while running, cycling, or other outdoor activities. This option contains replacement filters designed to extend the mask’s service capabilities. AstroAl provides the versatility you need, no matter where you are.

Key Features

  • Adjustable nose clip for form-fitting comfort that accommodates every facial type

  • Contains a four-layer filter designed to repel particles while allowing users to maintain breathing

  • Adjustable neck strap to alleviate neck strain while providing a comfortable fit

  • Made from premium nylon that allows for easy mask washing and multiple uses

  • Contains six replacement filters that prolong mask usage

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Weight

    4.9 ounces

Searching for a dust mask that provides comfort and quality can be a difficult task. The BAIGEWA Adult Unisex Face Mask offers a suitable solution for your dust mask search. This option maintains durability during every use thanks to its eight constructed layers of activated carbon, melt-blown cotton, and non-woven fabric. BAIGEWA contains adjustable earloops for a comfortable fit for men and women. It also has adjustable straps and a nose bridge to provide a stabilized facial fit.

The mask is constructed in a cotton knit jersey design, similar to an everyday T-shirt to maintain breathing comfort. It contains two PM2.5 carbon filters to provide complete protection against contaminants. This option is washable and designed for reuse to maintain comfortable breathing. BAIGEWA provides a dust mask option that delivers the durability and results you demand from any dust mask.

Key Features

  • Contains an elastic buckle designed for form-fitting comfort

  • Its nose part design provides seamless airflow to enhance your breathing

  • The five-layer PM2.5 filter prevents dust and particles from entering your mask

  • Made of polyester fiber to absorb moisture more efficiently

  • Brand


  • Weight

    1.13 ounces


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For sucking out the muck of the urban environment, the CFORWARD Dustproof Mask is a cool looking piece of kit that’s suited to the fitness fan’s gym bag.  There’s a stealth ninja look to this well-priced face dust mask, which has been designed for running, cycling and other outdoor activities. It can also work well as a go-to particulate mask for the DIYer’s toolbox.

Made from a lightweight, neoprene-style fabric for a quick- drying and comfort fit, there’s an alumimum adjustable clip on the nose bridge so you can custom the shape to fit your face. There are plenty of ventilation holes as well as a double-air breathing valve to let your exhaled breath easily escape, reducing heat and moisture build-up on the inside of the mask and giving you a smoother breathe.  The activated carbon filter is also effective in halting around 95% of non-toxic airborne particles created by dust, the natural environment, car fumes and general urban living in their tracks.