Battery Tender Plus 1.5 Amp Smart Charger


This product from Battery Tender is so smart that we might invite it to be part of the Car Bible quiz time on our next office outing. Provided most of the questions are about charging car and motorcycle batteries, we’ll blow away the competition.

This product is, as it claims, Smart and that sets its apart from some of the other products on this list. One cool feature is that it automatically adjusts the voltage to compensate for temperature. To understand why that’s a cool design feature you need to know about the acid mixture in a traditional acid battery and how it interacts with the battery composition and oh-my-God it’s boring, so just trust us that the fact it adapts to temperature is a really cool – and very useful – feature that will ensure an even charge.

It also self monitors which is another great thing to see. Basically, you attach it to the battery and it will go into full charge mode. Once the battery is fully charged, it switches to a trickle mode to just replace the electrical charge that is naturally lost over time.

But you don’t need to worry about any of that. Just plug it in, walk away and come back whenever you like to a topped up battery that’s ready to go.