BatteryMINDer 1500 Battery Desulfator


If your car, van or motorcycle battery has stopped performing at its full capacity, it is time to take charge and get yourself a desulfator. However, not every desulfator will be able to fix your battery problems; you need a reliable, easy to use regenerator like the BatteryMINDer Amp Battery and Maintenance Charger that can safely and surely resolve and restore your under-performing battery. The BatteryMINDer takes on the task of using a high range of frequencies to dissolve hardened sulphate build up over time, ensuring that your battery returns to its usual optimum state of operating. Even new batteries can start malfunctioning when their charge is constantly interrupted or left uncharged for periods of time, hence why this desulfator helps to safely soften sulphated batteries and get them working well again.

This regenerator is able to work on various ranges of battery types using high-frequency pulses to properly recondition and prolong battery life; you will be able to regenerate up to four batteries in one go provided you have a 210AY Y-Connector.