BBOUNDER LED Shop Light for Garage 36W


Unlike the products we reviewed so far, BBOUNDER decided to offer us just a single lighting fixture at a not exactly cheap price. But can one LED tube be the best garage lighting option for your needs? If we check out the features, we see that it consumes 36W of power to deliver 3600Lumens of brightness, which is pretty powerful for a single fixture, while the color temperature is optimized at 5000K.

The truth is that you will probably need at least several of these shop lights to cover the entire garage. However, you will appreciate that you can choose whether to mount them directly onto the ceiling or let them a hand with the pull chain. If you choose the latter, make sure that the height is between 7 and 11 feet, as well as that the distance between the two fixtures is at least five feet. You will get all the required equipment for installation with the product, and a 5-year warranty that includes ETL safety certificate.