Beatit 12V Portable Car Jump Starter

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Losing battery power is one of the worst car-based emergencies that many people experience. While it is a common experience, it is still one that many of us are not prepared for — but you can be better prepared by adding this great tool from Beatit into your roadside emergency kit.

The first thing to note is that it really isn’t hard to slip this tool into your everyday kit. It is tiny, measuring under seven inches in length and weighing less than 1.5 pounds. You don’t even need to store it in the trunk because it will just as easily slip into the glove box.

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Key Features

  • Delivers 12V of Electrical Power

  • Fits in Glove Box

  • Dual USB Ports to Charge Devices

  • LCD Lights Highlight Charge Levels

  • Brand


  • Model


  • Weight

    1.47 Lbs


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The item we looked at above was designed to help with a flat car battery, one of the more common types of mechanical failure. This next product from Torin is designed to help you during one that is perhaps even more common – a flat tire.

Is there any sensation worse when out driving than the realization you’ve got a flat tire? Not only is it a huge inconvenience – not to mention delay to your journey – the problem is often made worse because many people simply do not carry the correct tools to fix the issue quickly and safely.

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