Beech Lane Camper RV Leveler


Two of Beech Lane’s Camper Levelers aren’t all that’s included in this pack: the two chocks and two grip mats easily allow Beech Lane to slide into first place in terms of value for money. The company affirms that smooth and precise leveling can be achieved, from 0.5 to 4 inches in five minutes or under. That’s less time spent setting up and more time spent quality family time preparing a barbeque with a beer in hand.

Made of high-quality polymer, Beech Lane’s levelers can accommodate campervans that weight up to 35,000 lbs. They’re also compatible with dual axle trailers depending on how much space remains between the tires – if there’s too much then simply cut the leveler to fit your dual axle trailer. If this sounds like a task you would butcher, then no worries; your product’s full protection under warranty remains.  One thing’s for certain… Beech Lane have got your back!