Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube


Bel-Ray is the manufacturer of the next product on our list. While some chain lubes are clearly designed for racing and performance enhancement, this is not the case with this product.

That is not to say it cannot enhance the performance of your bike. It certainly can, but that is not the primary function or key feature of this lube. Instead it has been designed to provide a very high degree of water and especially dirt protection. The coating this lube leaves behind is specially formulated to protect against dirt, grit and sand. If you ride in dirty conditions in urban environments or off road, you should certainly take a good look at this product.

This product is designed to dry to leave a super tough and highly protective outer lining. This will cover the chain and protect against dirt accumulation. It is also anti-fling, so it will stay right where it needs to. It is suitable for use on all chain types, making it a durable, effective lube with a huge range of applications.