Bell Automotive Racing Helmet


The HJC Helmets AR10 III Auto Helmet is a great option because it combines all of the best features of top car racing helmets into one lightweight, easy to wear product. It’s tough and sturdy, it’s very safe and protective, and it’s also comfortable in all different settings. Made with rubber tone material and weighing just four pounds, this helmet is light and comfortable. The exterior shell is constructed from an advanced fiberglass composite weave using an advanced design that’s just for auto racing. It features a polycarbonate anti-fog shield with tear-off posts as well as a pre-installed M6 terminal for head and neck restraints. An ACS advanced channeling ventilation system provides full airflow from front to back, flushing heat and humidity out to keep you cool. You can even customize this car racing helmet with an optional shield in an array of colors.

While the exterior of this car racing helmet is sleek, what’s inside is also great. It’s lined and padded with comfortable, fire-resistant, and moisture-wicking carbon material. You won’t struggle with discomfort as you race, whether you’re facing high heat, dust, or anything else. And, most importantly of all, with Snell SA2015 approval, you’ll know this helmet is safe and sound.