Beltronics RX65 – Red Professional Series Radar Detector


This model from Beltronics is toward the cheaper end of the price range and as such it loses some functionality that you would expect on a more expensive model. The biggest loss is right down there in the cons list – there is no laser detection facility on this model.

Now, not all police forces employ laser speed guns anyway, so this may not be a huge loss. What you get instead is protection from detector detection. That’s right, detector detection – try saying that fast 10 times in a row!

Truth is, as Radar detector technology becomes better and better – plus more of us have it in our cars – the police are fighting back. They are now beginning to employ devices that can detect that you have your own detector. Therefore detectors that come with built in protection from that are very useful indeed.

Beyond that stand out feature you get a nice bright LED screen that is easy to see, especially in dark conditions. This is a pretty decent model with some very useful features for a low price.