Best Price Mattress Memory Foam RV Mattress


The Best Price Mattress memory foam mattress takes comfort to a whole new level thanks to its ability to adapt to both your shape and body temperature. This RV queen mattress was designed to provide a good night’s sleep after a long day of driving and exploring. Therefore, it has not one but three different layers of foam. The foundation of this mattress is made of a three-inch, high-density foam that combines support and durability for a long-lasting and relaxing sleep. The middle layer is made of super soft foam that prevents you from waking up with stiff shoulders and arms. The memory foam also helps relieve pressure points and is a great nocturnal companion for restless sleepers. Moreover, its active suspension feature is ideal for couples since it decreases motion transfer so no one can disturb his sleep partner during the night. Active charcoal is incorporated into each mattress to control odor and absorb moisture.