Bilstein Shock Absorber


Kicking off our list are these Bilstein shocks. These rear shock absorbers are suitable for use with most heavy stock vehicles, including trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. Thanks to Bilstein’s gas pressure technology, they’re able to deliver excellent handling both on and off road, while also offering an impressively smooth ride. Each gas charged shock is able to remain stable even when strong forces are involved. Filled with inert nitrogen gas at 360 PSI, the shocks limit fade and resist shock fluid foaming.

Compared to other options, they’re easy to install, too, thanks to a custom fit design that works well with a variety of lift combinations. Thanks to a monotube design, the rod is especially suitable for rough and rugged terrain – even with heavy loads. This design makes the shock stiffer than its twin-tube counterparts, for improved wear resistance. Finally, an attractive chrome finish makes these shocks look great on any vehicle.