BioLogic Chapin Outfitters ATV Sprayer


Last, but not least, is Chapin’s second entry on our list. Their BioLogic sprayer is constructed from sturdy polyethylene, designed to stand up to any chemicals within the tank, and any UV rays it’s exposed to. The pump can produce 70 PSI of pressure and a flow rate of 2.2 GPM, giving you more than enough power to spray even hard to reach spots.

It also features an adjustable brass nozzle, a pressure gauge, and a manifold that makes for easy boom installation. It can spray up to 30 feet horizontally, allowing you to get at everything you need without having to step away from your ATV. The 15 foot hose included also means you can hop off the vehicle when necessary, and reach high spots such as trees. Customers say the sprayer is easy to install, with everything you need included, and functions perfectly.