Blink HQ Home Electric Charger


We finish up with this small and sleek design of EV charger from EVoCharge. While it may be small and neat (it has the same footprint as a piece of A4 paper) it is actually very tough.

In addition to that toughness, another standout feature is the power. This unit can crank out up to 32 amps of power for a very fast charge time. It also has wide compatibility across a huge range of vehicle types and manufacturers. An 18-foot power cord is a little short when some others provide up to 25 feet of cord.

This is one of the simpler styles of level 2 charger, and while it does allow you to control the power output levels, there are no delay options and the power display is pretty basic. Still, it also has a very decent price tag for what is a very tough and high-powered charging unit.