Blue Ox Alpha RV Tow Bar


This Blue Ox tow bar is the first option to earn a spot on our list. With a substantial towing capacity of 6,500 pounds, it’s strong enough to accommodate almost any car, truck, or SUV. Despite this impressive strength, the tow bar itself weighs just 35 pounds. The bar is easy to mount on the back of any RV, and can be rapidly released thanks to quick disconnect hookup pins.

For ease of use, the tow bar is self-aligning, which ensures that your tow load is evenly spread for better handling and performance. The bar is built to last, from heavy duty steel, and features offset triple lugs designed to better align towing forces when in use. When not in use, the bar easily folds away on the back of your RV, keeping it safely out of sight. It also features rubber boots, installed to shield against dirt, grime, and dust from the road. Each Blue Ox tow bar also includes a set of safety cables with a 10,000 pound capacity.