BlueSkyBos – Emergency Escape Tool


This offering from BlueSkyBos is another dual-featured glass breaker tool that comes with a seatbelt cutter. Although this comes in a slightly larger size and isn’t as easy to reach as the first item on our list, it’s still a great, lightweight and effective car window breaker that includes a seatbelt cutter. This is an emergency tool for your car that fits into your glove box, door pocket or central console, ready to be whipped out and used to help you escape your car when you need it. There’s also the option of screwing this device to your car dashboard, although it’s recommended that this is done by a trained professional.

Despite it’s tough look, this emergency hammer is actually very lightweight, coming in at below five ounces, so if you’re using multiple cars through the day or just want to carry it with you, it will slip into your bag, easily. Customers love the fact this this is so easy to use and effective in carrying out its window breaking abilities, although they’ve mentioned that the hammer can easily come away from the mount, which can make searching for it during life-changing accidents a likely possibility. As such, we recommend that this hammer stay in a confined but easy-to-reach space for when you need it most.