Bones Brigade Mike McGill Skateboard Deck


The Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Skateboard Deck features a unique skull design that is just the perfect mix of weird and cool. This board is definitely going to be the envy of everyone at the skatepark. It is made from a 7 ply construction with a mix of bamboo and Maplewood for the ultimate flex and strength. This board deck comes with a nose making it good for diving stunts, and it is complete with a low concave design, delivering good space for footing for its rider while still providing them with a bit of control.

You don’t need to be a skateboarding expert to use this board deck, as it is completely suitable for skaters of varying skill levels and can even be used as a beginner skateboard deck for kids. This deck is extremely versatile, and can be used to cruising around the street or performing stunts at the park. It’s all up to you, because this board does it all.