Bosch BC905 QuietCast Disc Brake Pad Set


The brand Bosch is well-known for its good-quality products and they don’t disappoint here either. Made of ceramic and semi-metallic materials, these brake pads are of excellent quality and great stopping power.

The Bosch BC905 features molded shim technology that protects shim attachments and ensures great stability. What about shim construction? OE style multi-layer provides not only good strength, but also insulation against noise. As for slots and chamfers, they’re OE designed too, ensuring excellent fit and function. The entire set is engineered, manufactured and tested in North America, so that should speak for the quality of the product.

Finally, the brake pad set is easy to install, as each QuietCast hardware kit contains everything you need to do the job right. The package comes with a synthetic lubricant as well, which should help make everything come together easily.