Bosch LED Cordless Work Light


Bosch is well-known for producing excellent-quality products and this work light is no exception. Reliable, compact and super-bright, this portable unit is ideal for jobs that require lots of hands-free illumination. With 10 LED lights and 300 lumens, this work light casts a wide beam that can brighten any dark work area.

The Bosch work light has 2 brightness levels – high for super-bright illumination and dim for longer run time. Speaking of which, this unit has an excellent runtime thanks to Bosch 12-volt batteries, but unfortunately, they don’t come with the product. If using a 2.0Ah battery, you get 6 hours of runtime, or 12 hours if using 4.0Ah battery. Highly convenient, this unit has a 200 degree articulation and a self-stand bracket that can be positioned at a number of different angles. There are also 2 magnets and a ¼ inch screw hand for tripod compatibility. Although lightweight, this work light is incredibly durable, which is not a surprise considering it’s made of aluminum and reinforced plastic.