BOSS Audio Flip-Down DVD Player


BOSS has been a leader in audio quality, which is reflective in this model, which blew us out of the water with excellent video quality as well. Between price, quality, and ease of use, the BOSS flip-down model takes the cake.

You get a wireless remote and two dual-channel BOSS headphones (and each of them are solid construction). This model is able to support DVD, CD, MP3, USB and SD, making it one of the most versatile models on the market.

AV output and a dome light make this feel like it was included in your car from the minute it rolled off the assembly line. Your DVDs play in a  16:9 format at HD quality, and the player comes in either black, gray, or tan, depending on the interior of your car.

You can listen to both FM and IR stations, which are perfect for that solo drive where you want clear, quality audio rather than the crackling of the built-in radio on your dash. This model is perfect for family cars, commuters with extended drives (30 minutes or more), and solo use.