BOSS Audio R94


We go from the most expensive on the list to the cheapest – but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is an inferior product.

For one thing, by boasting a 500 Watts peak power rating, this model is well up there with the most powerful on this list. But is it equipped to use all that power? Well, a Polyurethane cone sits in a butyl rubber surround, making this a more traditional style speaker than some of more technologically advanced on this list.

For all that though, you getting a speaker with excellent audio range, good clarity at low and high levels and a pretty good bass too. At 3.6 pounds per unit (it comes as a pair) these are also on the smaller side compared to some others.

Don’t be fooled by its budget price – if you want a great hardworking little speaker without breaking the bank then this could be the one for you.