Boss Audio Single Din Touch Screen Car Stereo


This single din model is a pretty unique design from Boss Audio, and it is in fact the only one of its kind on the list. Naturally, a double din is usually going to beat a single din at least in terms of usability. There is simply more space to work with, so the screen is nice and big, the display is crisp, and it’s easier to use.

Not all cars are set up for double din radios though, and if yours is not then this product could interest you. The main body of the stereo is single din sized with a large touch screen mounted atop it.

You are getting exactly the same features as the Boss product – so there’s audio streaming from a range of devices that can sync via Bluetooth or the USB slot, and Bluetooth Hands Free technology for making phone calls or talking to Siri or Alexa.

Boss is a bit of a budget level manufacturer. It is clear this is a budget model, with, for example, some of the buttons feeling a little cheap, and the overall build quality lags a bit behind a high-end model. Still, it’s a very unique design with a range of useful features.