BOSS Audio Single Din Touchscreen In-Dash Car DVD Player


In-dash units give you the ability to install them and forget them. You don’t have to bring anything into the house to recharge, and you don’t have to fiddle with wires and figure out what goes where. BOSS Audio makes it simple to reap the rewards of both with this panel-detaching in-dash DVD player.

Hook up a pair of BOSS Audio headphones for silent enjoyment without interfering with driving operations. Full touchscreen capabilities allow you to seamlessly and quickly flip from options, files and settings with ease as well as interact with your GPS system.

You get electronic skip detection. One of the issues with DVDs versus digital content (like memory from an SD or flash drive) is that they’re subject to skipping on bumpy roads, like dirt or gravel. This system ensures that you won’t run into those problems. For more products like this, check out our review of the best double DIN car stereos here.