Brait Aluminum Tool Box for ATV Truck, Pickup, RV


If you need a small and convenient space to store your tools and other equipment either in your pickup, RV, truck or any other vehicle, the Brait aluminum tool box is a good option. Pretty lightweight but sturdy and durable nonetheless, this box will keep all of your important items neatly and safely stored in one place.

Made of aluminum, the toolbox is rust-free with some weather-protective abilities. This is thanks to its 1-piece design and rubber seal strip which helps seal out not only moisture, but dirt and dust as well. It’s also portable and easy to move because of the heavy-duty handles on the sides of the box. Importantly, there is a stainless steel T-handle lock as well, ensuring safe and secure transport and storage no matter where you’re going. Because it’s quite compact and lightweight, it can be mounted on pretty much any vehicle and even carried around if needed. Perfect for outdoorsmen!