Bright Starts Lots of Links Car Seat Toy


Meet the Bright Starts Lots of Links, another great car seat toy. We include this unit because of its versatility in use and its appealing design, which keeps children of all ages extremely occupied. For moments that require it, this exceptional tool provides the much-needed flexibility and versatility children and parents need. They help make your trips with kids quieter, shorter, and generally more enjoyable.  The best part is, these toys are easy to attach onto gear items, and children play areas.

The Bright Starts Lots of Links is the ideal baby stroller toy for on-the-go days. It engages children aged up to three years old by keeping them busy and nurturing their early development skills. In total, this unit includes 24 links that can be used together or interchangeably. They encourage your child to bend, squeeze, and smush them without any potential damage, thanks to their BPA-free plastic construction. For parents who are afraid of these links getting dirty, their external design makes them simple to clean; thus, keeping your child safe from germs and unwanted diseases.