Brightown Outdoor Patio String Lights


Did you own anything fragile before becoming a parent? With young kids running around amok, we guarantee that all your valuables have either been broken or are safely stored away. That’s why Brightown ensures its LED Patio Outdoor String Lights are shatterproof to avoid playtime disasters in the campervan. Plus, you can hang them inside or outside due to their water-resistant construction – the choice is yours.

Kept inside each aesthetic Edison globe bulb are five micro LED lights that save 90 percent of energy in comparison to average lightbulbs. With this energy decrease, these glow lightbulbs are cool to the touch. What’s more, if you’re still nervous about burning yourself on the bulbs, then the 6.4V 400mA low voltage transformer facilitates the transportation of the string light without uncertainty. Better start checking out these string lights fast before we buy the lot!