Brush Hero Wheel Brush


This product is so far removed from the typical wheel brush, the manufacturers don’t even describe it as a brush – instead, they refer to it as Water Powered Turbine. How cool does that sound?

What does that actually mean? Well, the product looks like a toilet brush with a durable handle attached. Doesn’t sound quite as cool now, does it? The handle attaches to a hose (no pressure washer required), and the product uses the water stream to both rotate the brush head and deliver concentrated stream of clean water right where it’s needed to wash away loosened dirt and mud.

No, it’s not cheap; however, the cleaning power you get from this brush is phenomenal. If your car’s wheels always seem to be filthy, if you seem to spend ages cleaning them but never quite getting all the dirt and grime out then this powerful cleaning aide could be worth every penny you invest in it.