BTECH 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio


Our final product comes from Whistler, and it is a bit of a different one. Every model that we’ve looked at so far has brought some degree of mobility to the party. This could be that they are true handheld police scanners or mobile style that mounted inside a vehicle. That is not the case with this model though. As a desktop scanner, it is designed to stay right there, on the desktop, connected to a wall power outlet.

That complete lack of mobility is offset by the fact this can be a bit larger and a bit heavier than other models. That extra size has been used by Whistler to cram in a lot of functionality. The big eye catcher has to be the fact it can store up 1,800 frequencies. It’s also very easy to search frequencies, especially local ones. The product happily flits from one signal automatically to the next, making it a much simpler process to find channels.

The memory is of a dynamic design instead of a more traditional banked design. That means the device can make the decision on the fly where and how to allocate memory resources, helping to stretch them a little further than the hardware should allow. This digital police scanner is not cheap, but you are getting a lot of highly effective scanner for your money here.