Bucket Boss AB30060 Wash Organizer


Whether you wash vehicles for a  living or like to clean your own car regularly, a bucket wash organizer can help you do the job easier and quicker. This wash organizer by Bucket Boss is a perfect choice as it has everything you need to keep your cleaning and detailing products and other accessories neatly stored and organized. Plus, it can be used for cleaning in general – apartments, garages, vehicles, you name it!

Made of durable material and water-resistant mesh pockets, this 5 gallon bucket organizer is ideal for all things cleaning and washing. The are three large pockets on each side of the bucket, which is six pouches in total, that easily fit various cleaning supplies. There is also a ring on the side of the bucket that can hold a cleaning rag. The best part? There are no inner pockets or dividers, so you can fill the bucket with soap and water while your cleaning tools and detailing products conveniently hang on the side – it’s a complete cleaning station!

Like most Bucket Boss products, this one too is durable and budget-friendly, which is always a welcome bonus.