Bucket Boss Gatemouth Hard Tote Tool Bag


Bucket Boss is back and do you know what, we really like their designs. Whilst their previous bucket tool bag was pretty much a sleeve to slot over an empty bucket, this is more of a tote tool bag. It also comes fully assembled, so no need to stockpile empty 5-gallon buckets for this model.

As before this is the very simple design of the tool bag. Everything is open for easy access – though it should go without saying this is not going to provide any weatherproofing or protection from the elements. Bear that fact in mind however and what you will have is an extremely tough and very effective design on your hands.

Obviously, that big central space is a real eye-catcher and will provide an area to chuck in larger hand tools. Aside from that, Bucket Boss has also managed to squeeze in 23 individual pockets and pouches to provide even more storage options. The carry handle is metal for added durability, whilst the foam padding makes it easier on your hands.

This is a very simple but very effective design that, as a cherry on top, has a very attractive, very low price tag.