Bugs N All Multi-Surface Vehicle Cleaner


For those awkward ‘spot cleans’ or to wipe out a pesky bug splat across your RV roof, we really like Bugs N All’s multi-surface cleaner. It may seem expensive – around $35 – but you get a concentrate while dilutes down to eight quarts plus a spray bottle so you can get tooled up and blast those bugging marks. The formulation is gentle but effective, neutralizing acids, softening bug smears and cleaning away grime, grease and splatter, leaving the surface of your RV roof clean and conditioned. It takes around 60 seconds to soften the bugs to mush, making them easy to wipe away and your RV surface looking like new. Plus, this camper roof cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and with no abrasives or harsh smells and chemicals so safe to use around the pets and kids!