Bully Black Aluminum Side Steps


If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional, full-length running or Nerf style bar designs, definitely take a look at this interesting little product from Bully.  The first thing to note is that they are as tough as they come, with an all aluminum construction and welded seams for a very tough product with a total weight capacity of 350 pounds.

They look great too, with that beautiful chrome plate finish however if you don’t like it, you can change it. The steps are fully customizable and can be easily painted/sprayed in any colors you like. The step surface is textured too, with raised nodules and an embossed Bully logo providing a safe stepping up point with plenty of grip.

It’s worth noting that they do come in a pair. So if you have a four-door truck cabin, you’ll need to buy two sets (or let your rear passengers fall out on their rearends – we won’t judge if you do that of course). They come with a price tag of around 30 bucks a set though, so even if you do have to buy a pair, they are still really great value.