BUNKERWALL Heavy Duty Rubber Parking Guide


Our next product is a professional grade garage car stop from BUNKERWALL (why they feel the need to shout their company name, we don’t know). This is of course the second of this type of parking aid to make our list, and this second version differs from previous model by coming as two pieces instead of one long bumper.

From a practical point of view, the previous model boasted of its ease of placement and mobility. The mobility factor is doubled here, as we now have two pieces with a length of 21 inches and a weight of 9 Pounds per piece. That of course makes these that bit more portable. On the other hand, they don’t quite have the same weight – and thus stopping power – of the bigger parking stop. It is possible to bolt these to the floor for a more permanent option however.

Aside from that small consideration the construction is great. A heavy-duty rubber is used for the body, giving the product the strength to stand up to vehicle tires with no problems. It’s also good to see the reflective strips are mounted on all sides, which serves a dual purpose. One, they make the product easy to see when you pull into the garage. Two they also make the product easy to see when you are walking in the garage, helping the product avoid being a trip hazard.