Busy Life Car Trunk Organizer


Busy Life’s STO wants to be the last car trunk organizer you’ll ever need to buy and comes to the marketplace backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee meaning that they’ll give you a free replacement or all of your money back if you’re not satisfied with their products. On top of that hefty guarantee they’ll sweeten the deal by throwing in just about everything but the kitchen sink. The STO comes with a free ebook of car organization tips to keep your ride clean and streamlined as well as two bonus reusable shopping bags which, wouldn’t you know it, fit perfectly into its storage compartments.

On top of the mesh side pockets for small item storage this organizer comes with customizable storage configurations. The middle divider can be removed to allow you to use the entire space as one box and it also comes with a set of buckles to make the space smaller as your needs require. The STO features a Velcro bottom with twin reinforced base plates and can be folded down flat when it’s not in use.