B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow Hitch Ball Mount


Buying a B&W hitch is known for its quality products. This manufacturer, just as we discussed with CURT and its units, has a very strong reputation for producing outstanding trailer hitch and hitch ball products.

This product very much keeps up that ethos and just looks great. A zinc phosphate base offsets the shiny steel-plated finish with black powder finish on the product body. Once again, this results in a product that looks great but is also built to last with excellent anti-corrosive properties.

The real standout in this design has to be that tri-ball installation. If you are in the habit of hauling a range of trailers and other attachments, all with different sized hitch receivers then this could be of real interest to you. You get all three of the standard ball hitch sizes mounted on a simple device where you just turn, click and lock the right ball into position. It’s a simple but highly effective design.

You only get 10 inches of drop movement – 5 inches up and 5 inches down. That’s a bit less that you would expect with a premium product such as this but in practical terms it shouldn’t cause too many problems.