Caartonn Rubber Trunk Liner


Keeping the interior of your vehicle clean now is very simple, and it requires nothing but the Caartonn Trunk Cargo Liner. This is one of the best cargo trays in the market today, with its high-density material and excellent construction. This liner works well with many Ford Escape models, offering a custom fit to keep your car looking factory fresh every single day. We love that these liners are made from heavy-duty material and soft rubber. 

Thee Caartonn liners are extremely simple to clean. You can take away all dust or dirt by merely spraying the unit after removing it from your vehicle. To prevent sliding of your pet cargo liner, it comes with grains on the back. This feature was included to increase friction and enable your cargo liner to stay in place no matter how much the vehicle moves. The Caartonn cargo tray is the best unit for your car.