Camco FasTen 4×2 RV Leveling Blocks


Camco’s Leveling Blocks are innovative in many ways; yet being the only camper leveler on the automotive market with an incorporated handle gives them the edge. The handle screws into the base block, ensuring that all ten leveling blocks are easy to carry, keep, and store. What’s more, sun damaged product will be a worry of your past, as Camco RV leveling all possess UV-stabilized resin to maintain durability.

If bright colors aren’t your taste, Camco’s brown blocks blend in with the environment around: just make sure that you don’t forget to retrieve them when leaving the camp site! The ten blocks are compatible with stack jacks, trailer tongues, and can even be employed to hinder your stabilizers from sinking into soft surfaces. Go get a set today before Camco realize how incredible their blocks are and up the price!