Camco Heavy Duty Battery Tray


Batteries are generally heavy-duty items that aid in powering your boat for all your movement needs. These units need to be well protected from the elements and possible impact; thus, and they require the perfect battery tray or storage system. Camco is the leading manufacturer of such items, and their launch of the Camco Double Battery Box has caused an immense stir in today’s market.

This is one of the most impressively designed battery boxes in the world. It is made to store all your automotive, RV, and marine batteries without any issues. Its construction is undertaken with help from durable and robust anti-corrosion materials, which enhance its durability and deliver the best performance to customers. The Camco battery box features two strap clamps and straps that come with screws for a better fit and more stability of the box, whenever it is in use. To keep your batteries safe, this unit features the use of a corrosion-resistant polypropene material, in addition to other heavy-duty materials.