Camco RhinoEXTREME RV Sewer Hose Kit


Camco’s RhinoEXTREME Sewer Hose certainly isn’t one of those dreaded floppy hoses that are a complete pain to use properly. It’s unique because the polypropylene wire is on the outside, so superior abrasion resistance and compression are always maintained. There’s no need to worry about any gravel becoming trapped, and punctures will become a worry of the past.

Included in this affordable kit are two 10-foot hose assemblies, which can be easily connected together or kept apart depending on your preference. The transparent elbow really helps you see when the tank needs to be refilled. What’s more, the kits come with pre-attached swivel caps and fittings to maintain durability. If you want to purchase a practically indestructible hose, then this is the model you need.