Camco Rubber Roof Clean


Designed to target those troublesome black streaks on your RV’s rubber roof, this convenient spray from Camco both cleans and conditions them away. Storage and long days on the road can cause black streaks, oxidation and road film to build up on your RV’s roof and can be troublesome if you don’t have the time to do a full clean. Using the Camco Rubber Roof Clean and Conditioner is a quick and easy way to do a tidy up in-between full roof cleans and helps to protect your rubber roof from any long-term damage. In a nice sized, 32-ounce bottle, this can be stored easily on board, and whipped out at a moment’s notice to whizz away dirt spots and grime. Added conditioners then helps this rubber roof cleaner to protect the membrane, until it’s time for a full-on RV clean.