Camco TastePURE Water Filter


If you are looking to filter all the water going into your RV, then an inline filter is the way to go and the TastePure is one of the best.

Camco claims its filter can last an entire camping season, and we like the sound of that. Attached to your water hose, its wide body is a boost when it comes to water volume and flow rate, making it a really functional and practical way to clean the water going into your RV.

Using a 20-micron granular activated carbon filter, the TastePure removes bacteria, sediment, chlorine and general contaminants as well as sweetening up the water odor to produce tasty and clean water to drink and use for washing. It also uses KDF (Kenetic Degradation Fluxion, if you really need to know) technology to stop nasty fungi, bacteria and mold in their tracks. No assembly required; with this Camco water filter it is a case of set up and go.