Camp Chef Explorer Double Burner Stove


A leading manufacturer in the kitchen appliance industry with several years of expertise and decades of grand sales is NutriChef. They are a group of likeminded designers and engineers who come together intending to make our lives better in diverse ways. To do this, they research into the needs of all households, as well as some of the best materials they can make use of, to ensure that their products last. We love that their NutriChef Dual Burner has been recognized as the best RV stove in the market. It is the first of its kind and was created as a great alternative to gas stoves. 

This camping gas stove is a digitally operating burner, created as a countertop stove. It features a circular top panel which houses the two lamps. The availability of two burners allows customers to create more than one tasty meal at a time, which is something some models do not provide. With a single press, one can switch from one cooking mode to the other. This multiple cooking mode systems are unique to NutriChef, and it works in combination with the manual method of this unit. You can use the water, steam or fry modes and an automatic warming mode to reheat meals, enjoy scrambled eggs or steam vegetables at your convenience.