Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven


The Sandoo Induction Cooktop is known as a unique and highly impressive portable stove top, manufactured for the benefit of all RV and caravan owners, as well as individuals who love going on camping trips. It is the best induction cooktop in the market today, with its lightweight design and portable build. No doubt having this cooking unit in your possession will transform your meal times and also unleash the creative chef within you. It is well suited not only for moving homes but also for a typical house kitchen. With this cooker, meals are made in less time and with less energy, making the unit a more economical option.

The Sandoo cooker offers users fifteen different power levels to cook a wide range of meals. It features a built-in digital timer that is perfect for all your braising and slow cooking moments. To prevent your meals from burning out, you are provided with a user-friendly, digitally tilted push-button control system, not found on many models in the market. Keep your family protected the multiple safety protection features offered by this unit, some of which include the use of fireproof plastic and an auto-shutoff feature.