Capri Tools CP21075 Certified Limiting Torque Screwdriver Set


Many users of the Capri Tools Torque Screwdriver Set attest to the quality and efficiency of this torque setting. According to many, it is a toll that’s definitely worth its price as it offers every endless user value for their monetary investment. With the high quality used to construct this set, it can last for a lifetime no matter the level of abuse it has to endure. Whereas other torques keep on tightening after they’ve attained their set torque, the Capri Tools torque screwdriver turns through the setting and stops compressing. This is a better response, even though it does take a while to get used to. To achieve maximum precision, this inch pound torque screwdriver features a one-inch pound increment per torque adjustment. It also comes with a super comfortable grip and a female hex drive that measures a quarter of an inch. 

The Capri torque screwdriver set is made of ergonomically designed screwdrivers developed with certification from internationally recognised calibrations. A set comprises twenty screwdriver bits, a T bar attachment which is sold separately and a sturdy carry case that fits the entire game. Intuitive in nature, this set features screwdrivers that lock after each setting is selected and also prevent damage to any screw being driven by slipping once a selected torque is attained.